Lazer Four-Lamp Harness Kit – with ITT Connector (Carbon-6 Gen3, 12V)

168,00 WITH TAX

Lazer Four-Lamp Harness Kit – with ITT Connector (Carbon-6 Gen3, 12V)

The ideal solution for wiring 4x Lazer Carbon-6 (Gen3) High Performance LED Driving Lights, where the vehicle side connection is compatible with an ITT Cannon Connector. The resulting setup is quick, easy, and reliable with Deutsch DT06-4S lamp connectors and no configuration procedures. The kit features 1.85m of flex on the lamp cable(s) to the 8-pin Trident Ringlock ITT Cannon Connector (compatible with Skoda R5 rally cars as an example)

Additional signal wires from the ITT Connector are included for operation of lamps’ in either: ‘Fog’ mode (purple wire), or ‘E-mark’ mode (green wire).

All Carbon-6 (Gen3) LED Driving Lights feature a corresponding built-in DT04-4P Deutsch Connector (with gold plated solid DT contacts).


Compatiable with:
– Carbon-6 DRIVE (Gen3)
– Carbon-6 SPOT (Gen3)

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