Lazer Can-Bus Contactless Reader (to work with CAN-LZR)

115,50 WITH TAX

Lazer Can-Bus Contactless Reader (to work with CAN-LZR)

The CanM8 Cannect Duo (Speed Pulse & High Beam) Interface is a 2-output CAN Bus interface which provides a quick solution for detecting high beam activity on vehicles which feature CAN Bus wiring. The Cannect Duo Interface also features a square pulsed speed signal output from the vehicle at a frequency of 10Hz. Each interface comes supplied with a dedicated wiring kit for simplified installation, as well as compatibility with our Contactless Reader which avoids the need for metal-to-metal connection.

Designed for use with Triple-R Smartview, the Cannect Duo is required where the Speed Adapt feature is required to operate.

Note  – a different CanM8 arrangement is required for Volvo installations, where it is only possible to detect the speed signal output using a dedicated interface – CanM8 Cannect Pulse.

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