The Akrapovič Evolution Race Header Set is a high-performance exhaust system designed to improve the power and torque. Made with premium-grade materials and precision-engineered, this header set offers optimal exhaust gas flow. Resulting in significant performance gains. The lightweight construction of the header set also reduces the overall weight of the vehicle, which improves acceleration and handling.

Designed to work in conjunction with Akrapovič Evolution Line exhaust systems, the Akrapovič creates a seamless, high-performance exhaust system that delivers optimal performance gains. Its straight-through design maximizes exhaust gas flow, minimizing exhaust flow restrictions and improving overall performance.

The Akrapovič Evolution Race Header Set is also incredibly easy to install, thanks to its precision-engineered design and perfect fitment. The set comes with all the necessary hardware and instructions to ensure a hassle-free installation process. Once installed, the header set transforms the exhaust note of your vehicle into a deep, aggressive growl that perfectly captures the essence of a high-performance vehicle.

In summary, the Akrapovič Evolution Race Header Set is a must-have upgrade for any driving enthusiast looking to enhance the performance of their vehicle. Its high-quality construction, easy installation, and aggressive exhaust note make it the ideal choice for those who demand the best.